STORK Partners supports key players in the economic growth of the African continent.

Our team includes individuals from the finance, industry, public sector, and consulting fields, with executive and managerial experience in major international groups. Recognized for its hands-on knowledge of Africa, STORK Partners provides a unique, cross-functional service to decision-makers on the continent.

Our Motto:
Boldness and Resilience


STORK Partners is designed to swiftly mobilize a cross-functional team of top experts.

Leveraging the complementarity of its associates’ expertise, experiences, and networks, STORK Partners enables its clients—national and pan-African champions, states, and foreign investors operating on the continent—to unlock their growth potential.

STORK Avocats


STORK Partners supports its national and pan-African champion clients in defining and implementing their growth strategies, particularly identifying new markets or areas for development.

STORK Partners supports its international investor clients in defining and implementing strategies to penetrate African economies.

STORK Partners supports its government and state-owned company clients in designing, implementing, and evaluating public policies.

STORK Avocats


The actors of economic development on the African continent are in constant transformation. As such, STORK Partners uses its expertise to support its clients in organizational challenges:

  • Private companies—structuring their activities, reconfiguring the organization, and optimizing governance structures ;

  • Institutional and civil service clients—in the necessary transformations of the public sector to address the challenges faced by the continent’s populations.

STORK Avocats


STORK Partners supports private sector clients in their leaders’ personal and professional development.

STORK Partners supports its public sector clients in transforming and adapting to modern norms and public institutions.

STORK Avocats


STORK Partners works hand in hand with its clients, navigating the landscape of tailored financing structures that acknowledge the distinctive realities encountered in African economies and a global situation where liquidity abounds, eagerly seeking avenues for strategic investments.

STORK Partners:

  • Provides advisory services for financing specific operations in both the private and public sectors ;

  • Coordinates fundraising efforts with regional and international fund providers.

STORK Partners members have profund understanding of financial markets and their extensive experience to recommend the most suitable financing instruments.

STORK Avocats


STORK Partners supports its clients in structuring development projects and acquisition operations.

Our teams closely monitor the economic realities of the African continent, regularly participating in:

  • Private (to) private partnership projects involving co-development, co-industrialization, or cross-continental participation ;

  • South (to) South partnerships between partners facing similar challenges, offering a valuable resource for the continent ;

  • Projects developed in the form of public-private partnerships, involving the public sector as much as necessary and the private sector as much as possible.

Experts Driving Growth


The founders of STORK Partners have developed expertise in managing complex projects, aggregating multiple skills from multiple disciplines.

STORK Partners is at the core of a consulting expertise ecosystem—encompassing legal, technical, strategic, and financial domains—enabling it to adeptly assemble and coordinate teams of experts renowned for their top-tier skills on the continent.


STORK Partners operates in growth-generating sectors for the continent:



Real estate


Natural resources

Digital economy


Public sector


Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego


Founding Partner and CEO

Former chartered accountant and statutory auditor, Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego has over 35 years of experience specializing in complex mergers and acquisitions and private equity operations. …

Nicolas JEAN

Nicolas JEAN

Founding Partner and President

Nicolas Jean, a lawyer by training, specializes in providing strategic advice to governments, state-owned companies, African and Pan-African national champions, as well as international investors  …

Cheick Travaly


Founder and Senior Advisor

Cheick Travaly, a seasoned banker and financial expert, brings 32 years of experience in Africa’s banking and mining sectors. Cheick Travaly has cultivated a nuanced understanding …

Laetitia JEAN

Laëtitia JEAN

Founding Partner

Laëtitia Jean has been working with clients for over 15 years, serving as an executive coach, director of consulting missions (strategy, organization, and management), trainer  …





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