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Cheick Travaly, a seasoned banker and financial expert, brings 32 years of experience in Africa’s banking and mining sectors. Cheick Travaly has cultivated a nuanced understanding of national and regional financial markets throughout his career, participating in some of the continent’s most intricate structured finance operations. He has acquired recognized expertise in risk management, financial inclusion, and financing small, medium, and intermediate-sized African companies.

Before founding STORK Partners and taking on the role of Senior Advisor, Cheick Travaly spent most of his career with the Ecobank Group, where he held significant responsibilities in both French- and English-speaking Africa. From 2001 to 2023, he headed several subsidiaries, serving as Director of Strategy and Development at Ecobank Senegal (2001–2005), Deputy General Manager at Ecobank Togo (2005), Managing Director at Ecobank Benin (2006–2012), Managing Director at Ecobank Burkina Faso (2012–2018), and Managing Director at Ecobank Kenya (2019–2023).

Between 2021 and 2023, Cheick Travaly assumed the crucial role of overseeing the largest geographical zone within the Ecobank Group. He directly supervised 18 country subsidiaries in Central, East, and Southern Africa (CESA), managing a portfolio of direct credits totaling $1.7 billion US dollars and a resource volume of $5 billion US Dollars. During this period, Cheick Travaly was a member of the Executive Committee and the Higher Credit Committee of the Ecobank Group.

A graduate of the Moore School of Business Executives at the University of South Carolina (MBA) and the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Cheick Travaly has also participated in numerous executive training programs for leaders on the continent.

Cheick Travaly holds the rank of Officer in the Order of Merit of the Republic of Congo and Officer in the Order of the Stallion in Burkina Faso.